Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The Sun was vibrant and bright,
The moon with the help of the sun would somehow shine at night,
Said the Sun to the Star with a smile,
Why do you stay with this moon who is devoid of any glamour or style!
Come with me is what i say,
People will adore your beauty in the day!
The star just couldnt resist the proposal,
She left the moon to become sun's girl!
The moon couldnt believe what his Gf had done,
The star looked forward to her life with the sun!
Next day morning the sun illuminated the earth with its light,
The star came out in the open just like she did every night,
She was sure that she would leave people in trance,
But to her utter surprise, on her people didnt even glance!
From her dreamworld she had to stir,
The sun with all its charisma had overpowered her!
The Sun was strong,rich and omnipotent,
but as a partner to the star it did not compliment!
The star realised her mistake until noon,
With a lesson leant she went back to the moon!!

Moral: Never leave the one who makes your life beautiful!

- Sagar Shah
- Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 10:45am

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