Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Rope!

Me and my Girl friend often have these weird kind of fights.
The reason for the fights seem so trivial to me that I don’t even feel like arguing but more often than not my this silence is taken by her as my approval that I am the one who is guilty!!!
Anyway one fine day after my exams I just forgot to give her a call. Now she was awaiting anxiously wanting to know how her very smart boyfriend had fared in his exam!
She didn’t call me as she wanted to see whether I would remember her or not! So my dear friends human beings have this big shortcoming that they forget certain things but it would be almost suicidal to commit to your girlfriend that you forgot her!!
That would make her feel that you don’t care for her at all and she has no importance in your life!! What a fuss!!
But here I was an inexperienced goat who walked straight into the slaughter house only to find the butcher ready to simply cut me into pieces!
From the morning into the evening it had turned into a day of mourning! The reason was also not worth discussing with anyone. I wanted to curse her for making me so feeble but after all she was the girl I loved!
Left on my own devices, I remembered that workout was the best way to release stress. I took my skipping rope and started to burn some calories! But as luck would have it, this too turned out to be a real frustrating exercise!
After every 20 skips the rope would hit my leg and I had to start again. I simply swore loudly! “That Bharat sports has started cheating people”, I started to mutter. How can they start making smaller ropes??!! I will complain in the consumer court. I want my money back!!! Such was my anguish.
After a few really heated moments I just sat down and tried to bring myself back to my senses!
I tried to think if I skipped 20 times correctly and the rope was getting entangled on the 21st skip how can it be possible that the rope had a fault??!! Yes the answer was obvious my hands were unknowingly moving upwards and the rope was hitting my leg!
That’s it! The rope was never at fault it was my mistake!
The rope was behaving as I was handling it!
I instantly called up my girl friend and asked for her forgiveness!!
No wonder it is said that even in the most menial things, life gives you something to learn!!
So don’t miss such opportunities! Learn and grow!!