Friday, May 17, 2013

The "ICE TRAY" Effect!

The heat wave had got unto me! I was sitting in my room trying to solve some chess tactics for my upcoming tournament when the wrath of the Sun god finally became too much to handle! I could no longer focus. Why is it so hot this season? Must be the Global Warming! I switched on the air condition just to feel a little better. But whenever I have switched on the A/C I feel a pang of guilt hit my heart.
My theory goes likes this:
1.Heat is caused due to Global warming.
2.To beat this heat we switch on the A/c.
3.The gases emitted because of the air conditioners are the cause of the Global Warming!

Its such a vicious circle, I thought to myself. How can I stop this? I had no clue!
But today i had no choice, I have important tournaments coming up and I need to practice.
The Air condition did help to bring the temperature down but somehow i just couldn't help stop thinking about the problems facing Planet Earth.
I went to the Kitchen to get a glass of water. The water was really hot. I needed some ice cubes.
I opened the refrigerator to get the ice cubes.
I turned the ice tray over and removed the ice in a vessel.
Instinctively i went to the tap and poured water over the Ice tray so that holes were filled with water and I put it back in the Refigerator.
I went back into my room and sipped on the cool water as i solved the chess problem.
Suddenly, A thought hit my mind. I tried to remember what had just happened.
I had gone to the kitchen to get the ice cubes. So i utilized the resource called Ice. Once i had emptied the ice tray, My instinctive reaction was not to enjoy the cool water, but to first fill the ice tray with water so that new ice can be formed. I didnt know who would be the next person who would want the ice, nor did I know when the need for the ice would arise! All i knew was that this was the right thing to do and in time of need we should not be left "ICEless".
Somehow this habit of doing a certain good deed i.e filling the ice tray with water, had become a part of me. I did it without thinking it. It was natural to me!
As I started to see this phenomenon clearly I realised  that:
This is exactly the kind of attitude we need to save the earth from Global warming!
We need to start doing the right things to save the planet! These right things must come naturally to us!
For eg. We plant a tree today! Not because we would want to enjoy the fruits or the shade of the tree but just because its the right thing to do. Now because of this good deed, I might be able to enjoy the fruits of it, but it would be pure co-incidence! My main intention of filling back the ice tray was not so that I would get the ice again but anyone who would want it in the house would get it!
If you look at it with this logic you understand that when i went to get the ice, I didnt say to myself. Ohh look if I take the Ice, there would be nothing left for others but infact i enjoyed my share of the ice but made sure that the next person wouldnt go back disappointed!
Thus if you are using the Air condition or resources of the earth, you dont need to feel guilty!
Using the Ice is your right! But bear in mind that filling the Ice tray back is your duty!
Its only when you are ready to fulfill your duty, can you enjoy your right without guilt!
This filling of ice tray for the planet earth could be done in variety of ways! You could plant trees which could help to make the environment more pleasant, You could stop yourself and others from throwing waste or dirt on the road, You can help by switching off electronic gadgets when not required thereby saving energy!
Whatever you do, always remember the basis of the Ice Tray effect:
You do something good just because you think that it is the right thing to do. Any benefits that you might get from it are a pure co-incidence.
I think that this is the right attitude that each one of us must start developing now. For it is only when we will inculcate this in us, will we be able to fight the perils like Global Warming and make this Earth a better place to live in!!