Monday, February 14, 2011

Inst'ANT' Advice!

I got up on the morning of Valentine's Day with a doubt in my heart. Is the girl who i am going to take out for this year's Valentine's Day,really the right one for me? I mean i have hardly thought about anyone else. Since the time i was with her, i really didnt see any other girl! But then why is my faithfulness always rewarded with fights and problems ? Is she after all the most perfect girl for me? If i try, i can surely find a better girl is what i began to contemplate!
Finally i got tired of all these thoughts and went to the kitchen to make my milk. As i added some bournvita to my milk a few crumbs of them fell on the table. Suddenly from nowhere an 'Ant' came by and picked up a crumb of bournvita and began his journey towards the wall where supposedly he had his hill.
Being not particularly in a great mood i decided to test him! First i took some crumbs of sugar and laid it in his path. But the ant just didnt care. It seemed to me he didnt even glance at what was in his path! So happy he was with what he had got!
Seeing that my trick had failed, i started to place obstacles like a spoon or some box in its path! But once again the thoroughly determined ant didnt budge! He manoeuvred through the obstacles with the sight of the final destination in his mind! He had this crumb of bournvita which weighed nearly twice his weight! It was a burden on him but he knew that once he would reach the finish line the burden would be converted into his prize!
As the ant dodged my final obstacle and reached the wall, i saw how this little being had taught me so much in those 2 minutes!
1. By refusing something that seemed better (sugar) he told me, in life always be faithful! If you leave the one you have right now for someone better, you never know whether you will get that better one or not!Maybe then you will be left with nothing!
2. There will be obstacles in the path but once they are cleared joy will follow! The only test is whether you can fight the storm! if you can then the sun will soon shine!
3.Keep your destination in sight! If the ant never knew where it had to go it could never carry so much weight. But it always knew about its destination and that motivated him to give an extra bit!
4. I dont know what the ant did when he reached the ant hill but i am sure he must have enjoyed his prize!
When you have been faithful, hard working and persistent some how the fruits of your labour seem even more sweet!!
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!