Thursday, October 27, 2011

Break It down!

I have often seen that we are faced with complex issues in life. There are so many different dimensions to the problems sometimes they happen to be unsolvable! Its complete chaos in your head with so many factors interacting with each other! At such a moment what is to be done?

Yes! thats the solution!
What?!! You dont believe me! Here's a small demonstration!

When i first saw this Rangoli, i was amazed! It looked too beautiful! At the same time i realised making something artistic like this was way out of my reach! But then i thought back to the words i have written above and said to myself why not break this thing up!

STEP: 1 The basic design!

STEP:2 Adding the Diyas!

STEP:3 some extra design!

STEP:4 Finishing touches!

And there you are!!

When you convert your problem into small steps, they dont look as intimidating and difficult as it once looked! Its a simple trick but one which we very rarely use in life!
And Hence my final word of advice: when faced with a problem, rather than breaking your head over it, try to break it down!

(A Special Thanks to Amruta for the wonderful Rangoli design!)