Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sagars Inspirational Quotes!

To do things which are convenient is easy.To be d best when all is good is easy.For every millionaire cud help a beggar but true sacrifice is when a beggar helps a beggar!
There is always something positive happening amidst all the negativity.Try to find it!
Those who struggle to get something today will get more than expected tomorrow!
Just dont be disheartened!
At some point your motivation may decrease, your energy may run low, and your will to win might diminish.
At that time remember that someone out there believes in u and wants you to win!!
God doesnt give helpers to people whom he thinks are capable of excelling on their own!
There will be times when u ll think you are getting nowhere.But be persistent.Your talent plus hardwork brings   you almost equal to others but your persistence will take you a notch higher!


As 2010 comes to an end, i decided to make a nice collage of and for all our family members!!
There are 39 members in all and really the youth combined with the experience makes this photograph a really beautiful one!

The extreme downright corner says:
 "1st jan 2011!!
       The best family ever!
1 vacancy!
Who's next?!"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The Sun was vibrant and bright,
The moon with the help of the sun would somehow shine at night,
Said the Sun to the Star with a smile,
Why do you stay with this moon who is devoid of any glamour or style!
Come with me is what i say,
People will adore your beauty in the day!
The star just couldnt resist the proposal,
She left the moon to become sun's girl!
The moon couldnt believe what his Gf had done,
The star looked forward to her life with the sun!
Next day morning the sun illuminated the earth with its light,
The star came out in the open just like she did every night,
She was sure that she would leave people in trance,
But to her utter surprise, on her people didnt even glance!
From her dreamworld she had to stir,
The sun with all its charisma had overpowered her!
The Sun was strong,rich and omnipotent,
but as a partner to the star it did not compliment!
The star realised her mistake until noon,
With a lesson leant she went back to the moon!!

Moral: Never leave the one who makes your life beautiful!

- Sagar Shah
- Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 10:45am


There was a man who was in a flight which was to land in Mumbai. He was in a rush, and he decided that he would get out of the flight as soon as it would land, so that he could reach the airport first.
So as soon as the flight landed, this man got up from his place rushed to the exit. There was a bus waiting near the plane which would take the people to the airport. This man hopped in the bus and was very happy that he would be the first one to reach the airport. But the bus wouldnt start until all the passengers had arrived in it. The other passengers took their own sweet time to come out! The man who had reached the bus first was pushed behind.
Finally when the bus reached the airport he was the last one to come out!

What do we learn from this:
Many a times in life we become really desperate about something. If we want something we really go after it with full enthusiasm, just like the man in this story but what we lack is proper planning.
Remember hard work and enthusiasm when combined with proper planning gives the best result!
-Sagar Shah,
-Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 1:25am

Give it a thought!

Created by me while getting bored during an IT lecture!


Sometimes life seems unfair but on thinking deeply we realise that life is a reflection of our thoughts! Its with us to determine whether our life is fair or unfair! Yes it is in our hands!

I have travelled many a land,
And with all my experience in front of you I stand,
“Sometimes things are just not in your hand!”
With meticulous hard work everything I prepared,
Just to see how in this tournament I fared!
Yes I was in good form,
Just the perfect setting for me to make a norm,
I went to the tournament with all the hope,
But who would know that the things over there would be hard for me to cope,
Being a chess lover,
I completely despised the thought of a walkover,
Still in the first round it was fine,
As the energy was conserved and the point was mine,
For the 2nd round I was all prepared and geared up,
But the opponent just didn’t turn up!
It is extremely sad that a norm now I cannot make,
And that too when I hadn’t even made a mistake!
Into the horizon I did stare,
Why the hell was life so unfair?
I had 2 options, I thought to myself
Either on the spilt milk I could cry,
Or to play with all my heart I could try.
Yes I realise that this is my test,
And in the remaining rounds I have to give my best!
A lesson I have learnt today,
And hence I say,
I have travelled many a land,
And with all my experience in front of you I stand,
Sometimes things are just in your hand,
Sometimes things are just in your hand!!!
                                           -Sagar Shah!


As I sat on the banks of the river beas in manali, the beauty of nature inspired me to write a few lines. I asked for pen and paper from my mom and came out with the following work in 15 mins!!

I sat besides the river,
Feeling close to mother nature,
The water of the river flowing with grace,
And the cool wind blowing across my face,
The trees swaying without a care,
The mountains stretching in whichever direction I would stare,
Nowhere else such serene beauty I would find,
Which seemed to spur my philosopher’s mind.
The rocks were of different shapes and looked sort of funny,
But the flowing river and the stagnant rocks seemed to be in heavenly symphony,
The rocks tried to stop the river right in its track dead,
But the river with its full enthusiasm manoeuvred itself to keep on moving ahead!
Often we have obstacles which we just cannot get over,
But then we just have to remember the river,
Because in life there will be lot of troubles which we will have to cope,
And yes the river is the one which will give us all the hope!!
                                                                                           -Sagar Shah,
                                                                                            On the banks of river Beas,
                                                                                            Manali, 31st May 09


This is my experience on the Podar rose day and how I became much wiser after that day:
Date: 23rd Nov
Place: Podar college
Hero: Sagar Shah
Heroine: name withheld!!!
Day: Rose day!

Rose day par tha kya suhana mausam,
And as always she looked beautiful and awesome,
I knew today the day to take my chance had come,
On her I took a glance,
And I knew that I would be fool if I didn’t take this chance,
I hadn’t felt so nervous even in a chess tournament,
As I neared her shivers down my spine were sent,
Seeing her meri bolti ho gayi bandh and all I was able to say
Was, this is for you ,happy rose day,
I didn’t even wait for a fraction,
Not paying any heed to what was her reaction,
And Just giving her the rose card gave me great personal satisfaction
I went home with happiness in me which was immense,
Not knowing the next few days would be really tense,
The future looked really bleak,
As a word with me she did not speak,
A pure sign of rejection,
I went back to the station my mind filled with great dejection,
Agle do din ke liye nahi meine khaya piya nahi mein soya,
Bas saara ka saara din mein roya,
Meine socha ki mere jaisa unlucky koi hi hoga,
Phir meine khidki mein se ek bhikari ko dekha,
Haath mein katora aur mooh pe muskaan lekar woh tha beta,
Ek din meine nahi khaya par that was out of choice,
The beggar who hadn’t eaten for days together didn’t raise a voice,
I hadn’t slept one night remembering her,
Par woh nahi soya bcoz he had no ghar,
I cried for losing something which I didn’t even possess,
And he was smiling even though he had lost everything and his life was in a mess,
I cannot describe his condition for words I am at loss,
I immediately realized how lucky I was!
In a reflex I went down and handed him a ten rupee note,
And instantly a smile on his face broke,
In India there are beggars in the number of crores,
And I bet helping them would give you more satisfaction than giving a beautiful girl a rose!!!!!
-Sagar Shah


As the BMC elections came near
kisko vote du for me was not clear
'Saadgi ki zindagi bitao aur paise bachao' was the slogan of shivsena
n i decided ki vote mujhe unko hi hai dena
jab results aaye to shivsena had won
but that didnt reduce my tension
just 3 days were left for the valentine day
n i hadnt decided to her what should i say
with great courage i asked will u bcum my valentine
woh boli haan and on 14th feb i would take her out to dine
that day she wore a sahi red dress
n any director would have signed her as his leading actress!!
we had met at 6 in the evening
so she suggested that we go for shopping
feeling my pocket i realised that due to shiv sena i had saved a lot of money
n i said why not honey!!
but as she started to shop the future didnt seem very sunny
n i had to remove the NOT fron the sentence and i started asking her why honey!!
i asked myself kya sabka val day hota hai aisa
n i didnt need to be a great mathematician to know that i was really short of paisa!!
i pleaded to her y dont we go for dinner
n look on her face got all the more meaner
n she ate as if she was dying of hunger
when the dinner was done
she said i had great fun
par agar woh thoda bhi zyada khati to mujhe dhone padte bartan
she said chalo ab mera pet gaya hai bhar
aur jaana hai mujhe ghar
par meine bola we will go to band stand
bahoon mein dale bahe hum le rahe the chain ki saans
i forgot ki she was the same girl jisne mere paise kiye the khalas
thodi der mein bolti hai mujhe lagi hai bahut pyaas
when i returned woh mujhe nahi dikhi
i felt like a popat n i asked a person if he had seen my maina
n he said she had been abducted by the shiv sena
us ladki ne mere bahut paise diye the bigad
aur saadgi bhari zindagi bitane ki raah batane wale shiv sainik ka hoon mein bada shukraguzar!!

mere dosto meri ek baat mannna
sirf ek din ke liye tumhara pyaar kisike liye nahi hona chahiye zyada
pyaar hona chahiye jaisa tha between heer-ranjha
woh rehna chahiye sacha jab tak aap rahenge zinda!!
                                         -Sagar Shah


Here I present to you one of the most romantic poem I have ever written!

I  sat with a real serious face in under the open air of cafĂ© coffee day,
On various topics of the world my mind was going astray,
As if all these topics were not enough for my mind to say
Suddenly Pooja the princess comes from nowhere and says with her a question and answer game I have to play,
I was in no mood to play but gave into her demands and said as you please,
And the first few questions were disposed of by me with absolute ease,
The last question she asked me tried to bowl me out clean,
The question was of all the years on earth u have been
Who is the most beautiful girl have ever seen
I gave the question a lot of thought
And told her that there are 2 girls in this world who I love a lot!
But I haven’t decided as yet who should be in the first spot!
I could see the smile on her face becoming less and less
And the expression of  her face giving rise to great inquisitiveness
I told her that the first girl was the most beautiful girl had ever seen until I had met the second girl
The first girl would be ready to make any sacrifice for me whereas I would be ready to make any sacrifice for the second girl
The first girl loved me more than anyone else in the world whereas the same was the case with me and the second girl
I never felt bored when I was with the first girl but I always felt a sense of happiness when I was with the second girl
The first girl had the best features eyes hair lips smile I had ever seen but it became second best after I met the second girl
It was obvious the first girl loved me more than her life and I loved more than my life the second girl
Unable to understand anything she asked me is it a love triangle!!
She immediately sniped I know with me u are playing games
If not then please tell me their names
I said my eyes gleaming with fun and my face filled with mirth
The first girl is the one who has given me birth!!!
This line of my did make her bother
If the first one was my mother
Then who was the other!!!
Said she I know you are telling a lie
If not tell me the name of the girl for whom u are ready to die
As if it was the climax of a film of horror
I told her that my eyes are like mirror
And here I am not speaking any lies
When I say that u can see the face of the second girl in my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                                       -Sagar Shah!

The mistake which changed my life!

On a not so eventful morning my maid makes a mistake which helps me realise my shortcomings. There a message hidden in here for each one of us! So read with care the poem named:

As she slowly worked on one after the other chore,
Sitting there I was getting bored to the core!
The burglaries by servant were on the rise,
And for that I had to pay the price,
i watched with great disinterest as to what she was doing,
gone in the dust bin was another beautiful morning!
To clean my room she opened my door,
With a mop and bucket of water to clean the floor,
I wondered how mechanical things can get,
As she turned on the fan to dry up the floor which was wet!
After 2 mins she again came back in my sight,
She went into the room and switched on the tubelight,
Tubelight at 10 in the morning??!!
very odd did I find,
has this woman suddenly gone out of her mind?
Completely engrossed she was now washing a utensil,
I came upto here and shouted,
“ tumko pata hai ghar ka kitna aata hai bill”
seeing the light and fan both switched on she was stunned,
she immediately realised what she had done!
She tried to clarify her plight,
I wanted to switch off the fan but by mistake I switched on the tube light!
I saw that she was standing there really tense,
What she said did make some sense!
often I fall into poor positions in chess,
at that time careful moves would surely make my problems less,
but it is exactly at that moment I become careless,
and what I end up is, in greater mess!
Slowly I switched off the light,
I sweared to myself with care and patience in every inferior position I will fight!
She went away without saying a lot,
I sat under the fan thanking the maid for what she had taught!!
                                                                        -Sagar Shah

The mystery behind why Podar is the best!!!

For all those  podarites and even those who are not and have always wondered why a college like podar which does not even have a campus is one of the best colleges in Mumbai this poem is a must read. I try to unravel the mystery as to why podar is the best!!!

For one whole year my mother had no objections,
But now she wanted me to answer all her questions,
all your friends are studying for IIT and CET like brave lions,
and you like a meek cat refrained from even taking science!!
I didn’t ask you any question for an entire year,
And it is bcoz that I worry for your future that you will have to make your point clear!
Every day train ki gardi mein tu  khata hai maar,
Koi ladki bhi nahi hai jisse karta hai tu pyaar,
Then too harroj you travel so far,
Only to end up in your stupid college named podar!!
Chal ab tere samne jodti hoon mein haath
Aur tu bata mujhe ki podar mein hai aisi kya baat??!!
How should i answer without making myself look like a fool,
Kya podar mein admission leke kar di thi meine koi bhool
Yahi sochte sochte mein maa ka prashn gaya mein bhool
Aur apni hi soch mein ho gaya mashgool!!
As I tried to think a battle in my mind erupted which was fierce
Was podar really the best college for commerce??
I tried to relate podar with India
Why was India a great country in reality
i instantly got the answer that it is because of unity in diversity!
When you come near podar you see a real happening street
There are girls whose ugliness no one can beat
But there are a few whose beauty can sweep you off your feet
There are some who want to become cool dudes so they wear earrings and apply bryllcream
Thode aur hai jo navratna tel lagage aate hai and becoming a chartered accountant is their only dream!!
Ek aur students hai jinko library ke bahar kya hai uske bare mein kuch nahi pata,
To doosri aur log hai whose only reason to come to college is to sit on the katta!!
There are some jinki ek lecture mein sahan shakti ka quota hota hai khallas
And there are some jo poora din padhke bhi bolte hai mi kelach nahi abhyaas!!!
There are dancers who can give a complex even to shakira
Awaj ki baat kare to some sing better than even kishore da!!
There are teachers like viji and sanjay jo sach mein hai akalmand
Kakde jaiso ki sab band bajate hai kyunki woh hai ek bada mandh,
Par yeh baat to sach hai ki hema wad ke samne sabki bolti ho jaati hai bandh!!
Finding which language is predominant in podar is not great fun,
Bcoz u will find people not only speaking hindi ,marathi,tamil,gujarati but also French,italian and german!!
And there are some, listening to their theories on finance and economics will make u feel are they the children of manmohan??!!
You can have a ball with your friends in DPs if you have the money,
But if u don’t then u can enjoy the sumptuous food of the manis!!
 as I thought of all this my thoughts started getting jittery
There was so much of diversity but what about the unity??
There had to be something which united the thin and fat,small and tall
And immediately the scene which entered my mind was that of the examination hall!!
No matter how intelligent everyone may be,
There was not a single podarite who didn’t copy!!!
On the day of the exam everyone enters the college with their faces filled with tension,
And I realized that the unity lies in not even a single podarite loving the examination!!
Thus like India podar too has unity in diversity and the college is really great
And coming to this college was not a chance but was written in my fate!!
As I opened my eyes I saw my mothers stern face on which the anger had not melt,
I said,’mom, I cant tell u why podar is great because some things cant be explained they only have to be felt!!
As my mom walked away for her I felt great pity
Because she didn’t realize that podar was great only because of unity in diversity!!!!
                                                                                           - Sagar Shah


What might be the formula of leading an enthusiastic non monotonous life? How can people who know us from a long time never get bored with our company?! Well the answer is to preserve a five lettered word called : 
(You are invited to the annual day function of some school as the chief guest.)
Ladies and gentlemen and young boys and girls,
I can see the young children are all smiling and pretty happy over here where as their parents don’t seem to be too happy with me!
Well my presence here might be one of the reasons however in general I have seen people as they grow older the smile on their face starts getting smaller.
When I have tried to guess the reason for this occurrence it has always been the case of trying to find a pin in a haystack.
When I was young I really used to enjoy the rain drops falling on my face, I would grab the opportunity to get myself all wet and dance in the puddles and really enjoy myself.
Today also when it rains the childhood in me seems to be reborn and tries to tempt me to enjoy myself but I don’t go out! What might be the reason for that?
Its pretty simple.i start to think what might be use of getting all wet maybe I might catch cold.maybe I might fall sick. And the most important question that I ask to my self is that what is the benefit I am going to get after doing that act!
And when I get the answer that actually there absolutely no advantage of getting wet in the rains I simply get back to my work thinking that I have acted very smart!
As you grow older these small pleasures in life no longer seem to hold any importance for you all.
Take another example. just the other day I went to the first standard class and I noticed the teachers asking the questions to the students.the students were jumping in the air and raising their fingers just so that they might get a chance to tell their answers.the mood in the classroom seemed so energetic and full enthusiastic. Then just a few blocks away I entered a 5th standard classroom the students seemed to raise their hands to answer but there was no joy on their face. They seemed to answer just because it was their duty to do so.
And then when I entered a 10th standard class I saw that the students had absolutely no interest in answering. even if they knew the answers they would just sit in their place waiting for the teacher to force them to open their mouths.
Clearly I could see something was lacking as I went from the 1st standard to 10th standard. the spark in the students just  seemed to be on the wane.
Today as I stand before I just cant seem to tell you how important it is for all of you to maintain the spark that is in you.
Some of you over here might become doctors maybe some may become teachers some maybe become chartered accountants. No matter what you become what you achieve always remember that life never gives you reasons to enjoy. You have to find the reasons.and the reason can be weird it can be stupid but if it brings you happiness and if it brings a smile on your face then just do it.
Don’t think what others would think just live life kingsize.
Today if I have to give you one advice as being the chief guest here then I would say you might lose your pricest possessions,you might lose your friends in life,you might lose your wealth,as you grow old you might even lose your hair but no matter what you lose  JUST DON’T LOSE THAT SPARK!

Thank you!
-Sagar Shah


Truly an inspirational poem! A must read for all those who have found the going tough in life but have never compromised on their aims!

There is a guy who is living his life under constant fear,
He is the guy who is suffering from a disease deadlier than cancer,
His bearings he just cant find
Never does he get his peace of mind,
He has spent a sleepless night,
But all he has to do is JUST FIGHT,

There is a girl who tries to cling onto her love like her life,
She is the girl who can’t be her love’s wife,
She is threatening to kill herself with a knife,
She really wants to end her strife,
She thinks what she is doing is 100% right,
But all that she has to do is JUST FIGHT.

There is a guy who is under terrible stress,
He is the guy who never finds success,
One by one all the problems he tries to tackle,
But it seems there is never  an end to his obstacles,
Life long dust he has had to bite,
But all that he has to keep on doing is JUST FIGHT!

It seems all of us want to be the ‘king’,
However there just doesn’t seem to be an end to our suffering,
All u have to do is your inner self you have to ignite,
Because its not the case of proving your might,
Or making everyone believe that you were right,
But its about having a satisfied sleep at night,
And for that you JUST have to FIGHT  and for that you JUST have to FIGHT and you have to JUST FIGHT!!!
                                                -Sagar Shah


Do you think you are in a position where you are forced to do things which you never wanted to? Do you think the world in unfair? Do you have the feeling of being trapped? Here’s an article which will show you a glimmer of light in the dark tunnel through which you are treading!

CLASSES: we can do without it!

In this sequel I try to break the classes myth with lots of practical guidelines for students who really want to lead a self dependent educational life. Lets get to know how real self made scholars are born in our poem which is a sequel to my poem called CLASSES: can we do without it ??!

CLASSES: can we do without it??

Have classes become as important as hospitals, schools, colleges in this world?
Can we the students survive without classes? Can we ever think of success without classes? Dive into this poem to find and try to see if you can find yourself in it!!

His friends used to call him jadoo for fun,
Not that he was a magician,
But they felt he was some kind of an alien!
He was viewed with awe by the mass,
The reason: he was in 10th and he hadn’t joined a class!
He always considered himself to be ideal,
After all from 1st to 9th he had never joined a tutorial.
Which classes for 10th was asked by everyone whether big or small,
This question seemed as natural to them as nature’s call!
 ‘all the top rankers have joined classes’ his mind began to shout
 ‘please don’t join any classes’ is what his heart had began to tout,
but his self confidence he had already started to doubt.
Aisa lag raha tha ki everyone had joined this class chahe wo ho Krishna ya ganesh,
He too decided to play it safe and joined the one and only Mahesh!
It was only a week since with 9th he was done,
This impatient Mahesh classes had already begun,
No aaram, no recreation, absolutely no freedom,
It seemed his life was filled with complete boredom,
sab toppers ne kiya tha join but they treated everyone as dumb,
After all 6 hrs a day was required only for a real bum.
Trigonometry is tough , map making is tough, Indian history is tough
They didn’t mean it they said this only because he would study,
But for him boards seemed no longer easy.
The teachers had their views for all the chapters under the sun,
Slowly and steadily he began to lose his sense of opinion.
By june his portion had neared completion,
It was obvious that in school he rarely paid attention.
School was of no interest to him and he thought this was really shrewd,
‘Idhar nahi aaya to Mahesh mein sikhenge’ had become his attitude!!
From school to classes, class homework to school homework,
Everyone thought he was really busy,
But the truth was he was left with no time for self study,
One test after another were conducted at lightning rate,
‘’written practise’’ sab lag raha tha really great,
par sach pooch to he never had the time to re evaluate!
November tak usne portion revise kar liya tha 4 baar
All expected he would perform above par!
Little did all know , that he was ‘so near yet so far’!
Hours and hours with the same books he spent,
But the classes would not relent,
Hundreds of Moderators were summoned from all corners of Mumbai,
He kara te kara,
Some said lihoon lihoon paper bhara,
To koi bola quality la pan visru naka!!
Thus their advices didn’t help him much in preparation,
but surely they did increase his confusion,
he had almost given 5 prelims and this was true,
that though this was his first board exam nothing seemed new,
as he got the question paper the frustration within him grew,
all the questions were same and all the answers he knew,
he wrote the answer paper with the feeling of fatigue and it was a big pity,
that the classes had left in him no scope for creativity!!
And then came the torrid day of result,
A meagre 81% what a huge insult!
As he walked on the empty road hundreds of thoughts zooming through his mind,
The following words on a billboard he did find,
MAHESH TUTORIALS: where trust leads to success,
How true the words seemed to be!
Why had he joined the classes?
The answer was simple Because he did not trust his abilities,
And it was only because of this distrust he had run into difficulties.
It was as if at that exact moment he had regained his sense,
And he decided to come back with vengeance,
Har picture ki ending happy hoti hai mere dost,
Aur agar ending happy na ho to picture baaki hai mere dost,
                             PICTURE BAAKI HAI!!!!
                                                                                 - Sagar Shah


Bored of economics??!! With this poem I bring you into the beautiful world of economics which is easy to understand and fun to learn! Join me as we take a dive into the beautiful world of economics!

My dad used to say wasting time is one of the biggest crimes
So don’t waste your time in making these poems and rhymes
And from today start reading the economic times!
Meine socha jab Bombay times hai to economic times padke kaun hoega bore
Aur vaise bhi school in economics mein  I used to top score!
My policy in economics was kuch bhi thok ke paper bharo
After the first paper I had adhered to my policy and I felt like a big hero
But when I got the result I realised that podar teachers loved to play x and zero!!
Next two exams I made many futile attempts to pass
Par teachers apni kanjoosi ki aadat se nahi aaye baaz
Kisine to kaha tha ki mehnat hai safalta ka raaz
Par who mehnat karne ki shamta mujhme ho gayi thi khallas!!
As the final exams neared my decision of taking admission in podar I began to dread
How the hell was I to bring fifty out of hundred!!
Poverty, population,unemployment was the portion,
I didn’t  know  a single word and I left home taking papa ka aashirwad
I knew all hell would break loose jab mein aunga ghar exam ke baad
I went and sat on the world famous podar ka katta
Like a person without any kaam dhandha
Bas 3 ghante baaki the us samay ke liye jab podar ke teachers mujhe pehnaney wale the fasi ka fandha!!
Katte par mere baju mein baite the do  premi haat mein liye haat
Ladki boli shaadi ke baad hum doosre ghar mein rahenge apne 5 bacho ke saath
5 bache!!!mujhe  kuch hajam nahi hui yeh baat
I realised that nowadays many couples wanted to give birth to gods creation,
And I wasn’t so dumb to understand why India was suffering from overpopulation!!
Thodi der baad meine ek naujavan ko dekha jo katte par baithkar dekh raha tha cricket match with full attention
Meine unse poocha baisaheb what is your occupation
With sadness in his voice he said jaha jata hoon waha milta hai rejection
Mein samjha ki unemployment was his source of dejection
And unemployment was directly proportional to population
Tabhi ek chota bacha aaya mere paas liye haath mein katora
Bola 1 re de do bahut din se nahi khaya khana
Meine poocha kya tumhare ma baap nahi karte kaam
Wo bola ghar baithkar wo log karte hai aish aur aaram
Aur meri bhik ki kamai se banti hai roti in sham!
I handed him 10rs and to him a lot it meant
I came to know that poverty was the direct result of unemployment!
As the time for exam started coming near
All the mysteries started becoming clear
My time on the katta had not been wasted, infact I made a brilliant formulation
Population breeds unemployment and unemployment breeds poverty and poverty breeds over population!!!
For the first time in my life the economics paper I wrote with great conviction
When results were out everyone looked at me with great admiration
For I had scored 70 and had topped the examination
Everywhere about me there were talks
Some said he must have read economic times right from the page of finance upto stocks
When they asked me to reveal my secret they all ended up in shocks
Bcoz I shouted on top of my voice that’’PODAR KA KATTA ROCKS!!””