Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The "dead"ly Logic.

Today i saw my mother tensed. It was just 8 in the morning and looked like a beautiful day.
Then why was my mother tensed. As i asked her with sadness she said," X uncle has died."
But i dont know him, i said. Yes even i havent met him for years, but today i will have to go to his house, said my mom.

It was then that i sank into thought. When someone is alive, we neglect him. We never meet him and when he dies we go to his funeral.(and sometimes even shed tears). But why didnt we go to his house when we had the chance to speak to him. To make him feel better. To make him feel that some one wants you to live.

It was then that i asked my mom about why she was going now and she replied," yeh to riwaaj hai beta! (Its a ritual!) and we have to follow it!
Man and his rituals!!
They follow them even when there is no logic to it!

I just hope that the time i will spend with a person when he is alive will always be more than the time i will spend seeing his pyre burning !!
(inspired by the thoughts of my friend Vishvesh.)