Saturday, July 23, 2011

superb advice!

I met a successful entrepreneur.He had started from scratch. nothing at all with him! and today on his sheer hard work and knowledge he has established a huge company with a turnover of nearly 20 crores. I asked him, what was his mantra for success. He gave a thought and said,
" Spend before you earn.!"

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playing it Right!

My dear friends, human behaviour is unpredictable. You can never really guess as to how the other person is going to behave!

But by analysing you can surely learn a lot which can be useful in your other parts of life!


Friend: i want the pics of the party we had last sunday!

Me: Ok sure i will it give you.

Friend: please send them as soon as possible. ok?

Me: yes sure!!

Days become weeks and weeks become months. she keeps asking me about those pics but i always forget it.

Later i see my mobile, i had deleted almost all the pics and i have only 2 of them left!!

She had been so excited to see the pics since so many days.Now when i would reveal that i didnt have them she would definitely be really angry! I was surely in big trouble!

What to do now?

Possibilty no.1

i upload the pics on facebook and send her the link along with a sorry message!

She sees the pics and later gets super angry on me!

She feels really betrayed and even thinks of breaking her friendship with me!

Possibility no.2

I send her only a message on facebook that "Sorry, i have got only 2 pics of the party in my mobile." and i dont upload the pics yet.

She is a bit dejected but she says " ok send me those pics!"

I send the pics and guess what



What exactly happened? what was the difference in both the scenarios?

The answer lies in something i call as 'playing your cards in the right order'!

in both the situations i said sorry and in both the situations i sent her the 2 pics. but in the 2nd one i did it in the right order!

True in 2nd scenario too there was a disappointment on her face but because i hadnt sent the pics yet there was something she could look forward too! and that feeling of the unknown reduced her anger!


Often in life we do all the right things but we still are quite confused as to why we dont get the desired results!

the diagnosis to that lies in the simple fact that:

Its not enough to play the right cards,