Sunday, August 7, 2011

A death that taught me how to live!

Motionless I lay in my bed,
Comprehending the fact,that in few hours i would be dead!
The room was empty, yet filled with grief,
Even after achieving everything, why did happiness seem so brief!
When I was young, I took life as a game,
and to win it I had to achieve my aim!
If those were the rules of life, then I had convincingly won,
In terms of success, equal to me there was none!
But then why was this frustration and helplessness still within me,
Why wasn't I able to from mortal bonds,set myself free!

Ok, I said to myself, what would I have done when better was my health,
In my younger days, how would with this incompleteness I would have dealt!
Yes! I would have vented my anger on the first person I would see,
But today there was absolutely no one near me!
Yes!I would have put on my jogging shoes & gone for a run,
But today, lo! my legs have been undone!
Yes! I would have called my friend and heard his lovely voice,
But today deafening silence was a compulsion and not my choice!
Yes! I would switched on the laptop and logged on to facebook,
But today my eyes had become so weak, that even an inch away i couldn't look!

With complete helplessness I could see where i was headed,
A painful and miserable death just as i had dreaded!
I knew on life I could have shouted and sworn,
But it was time to battle these last few hours alone!
I closed my eyes and observed my breathe,
Slowly and steadily I started to embrace my death!
I was just with myself away from anything worldly,
Gradually I began to detach myself from my own body!

For so many years i had a conscience within me who wanted to speak,
But boy!, was i busy with all the commitments to keep!
Today there were no distractions and nowhere i could glance,
and thus with my long awaited friend, to speak i got a chance!
I told him about my worries, I told him about my strife,
I told him about all the errors i had made in my life!
He listened to me without speaking a word,
I emptied my heart as patiently all my complaints he heard!
After speaking for a few minutes i had a feeling of peace which was so unique,
It was as if talking to him was some kind of a magical trick!
When the day started I grieved, that i would die on this friendship's day all alone,
But as we have experienced, life is strange and life is unknown!
Just when i had thought that i had no friends and nothing to smile,
I had found my best friend who had been with me all this while!
Now i can die peacefully as i will have to worry never,
For i have found a friend who shall be with me forever!!!

So, my dear friends,to find a true friend why do you wait??
the weather is great,
and perfect is the date!
Speak to thy conscience before its too late!!
-Sagar Shah.