Saturday, June 18, 2011


Just a few days ago i watched the movie Kung fu panda-2!
though the movie is meant for kids, the message it carried was quite heavy!
it spoke about INNER PEACE!
inner peace! the more i thought about those words, the more i felt like a fish out of water! What exactly did inner peace mean! and even if i understood what it meant, how the hell would i achieve it?

It is funny that today when i had absolutely nothing related to it on my mind, i got the answer to both my questions!

I got up in quite a torrid mood! the reason: it had been 5 days and i hadnt studied upto my expectations. Its quite irritating, everyday to sleep with the feeling of having underperformed! especially when you are all excited to study but somehow your mind and body are just not in sync! Mind wants to study but body just wants to relax!
But how the hell are people going to know whats going through my mind. i lazily got out of my bed and the mobile rang! one of my friends asked me," hey Sagar lets go for a movie!" i replied in a firm NO! But he didnt relent. Finally disgusted i shouted at him and kept the phone!
Already i wasnt feeling good and this just added fuel to the fire!

The day trudged along! Nothing substantial happened. It was going to be another day of sadness, another day of not working upto my potential, another day of self loathing!

But then a thought struck me! What was the reason, that i had fought with my friend?
Well, the reason was simple. I wasn't in a state of mind to see the movie but how the hell was he to know about it? i hadnt told him the reason for my agony!
In short there was a total LACK OF COMMUNICATION!

I immediately picked up my mobile and called him, made him understand my situation and told him that the day i would be satisfied with my work, i would myself call him and we would go for a movie! He understood my predicament and in good spirits we both kept the phone!

Suddenly i started feeling better! What had just happened! I had communicated well! I had let the other person know what i was going through! And that had solved the problem!
It was then that an amazing idea struck me!

My below par performance in my studies was totally due to lack of communication between my mind and body!
If only i could find the link, that mode of communication which would connect my mind to the body!

I went into a quiet spot and closed my eyes! I just didn't think about anything! Just feeling my breathe and just experiencing the power of silence! Minutes flew by! After almost 30 mins i opened my eyes!

An entirely new kind of energy had transcended into my body!

My mind and body had been united. Whatever my mind wanted was what my body wanted to do! In short there was perfect harmony!

This my dear friends is what i call the inner peace!
Its no magic term! Its very straight forward!
You feel the inner peace when your mind and body are in perfect sync with each other and this can be achieved through communication i.e the language of silence or meditation!
That's why i would always recommend that when you have worked hard for something lets say an exam, then before the paper your priority should not be in memorising more answers but in improving the co-ordination between your mind and the hand that is going to write all the answers!! There is always time to learn more but first we must perfect what we already know!
-Sagar Shah.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Keep in mind, the power of your mind!!

Stress is a super huge problem but its a self generated one and hence you got to have a self generated Solution!

Heres the Solution:

After a tiring day at my articleship ,
i went back home quite fed up with the hardships,
so many year end deadlines to address,
and the upcoming CA exam added to my growing stress,
a whole lot of promises and expectations i had to keep,
the road ahead seemed uphill and steep!
the fear and anxiety within me grew,
i was tensed and stressed and i didnt know what to do!
just then i heard a music i hadnt listened since long,
and gradually i began to sway to the rhythm of the song!
the song acted like a perfect magic potion,
within few mins i was free from all my tensions and depression!
it was then that i realised a big secret:
u dont need to be rich or successful so that true happiness u can find,
its all within u, its just the state of ur mind!!
-Sagar Shah.