Saturday, June 4, 2011

Keep in mind, the power of your mind!!

Stress is a super huge problem but its a self generated one and hence you got to have a self generated Solution!

Heres the Solution:

After a tiring day at my articleship ,
i went back home quite fed up with the hardships,
so many year end deadlines to address,
and the upcoming CA exam added to my growing stress,
a whole lot of promises and expectations i had to keep,
the road ahead seemed uphill and steep!
the fear and anxiety within me grew,
i was tensed and stressed and i didnt know what to do!
just then i heard a music i hadnt listened since long,
and gradually i began to sway to the rhythm of the song!
the song acted like a perfect magic potion,
within few mins i was free from all my tensions and depression!
it was then that i realised a big secret:
u dont need to be rich or successful so that true happiness u can find,
its all within u, its just the state of ur mind!!
-Sagar Shah.

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