Tuesday, January 11, 2011


As the BMC elections came near
kisko vote du for me was not clear
'Saadgi ki zindagi bitao aur paise bachao' was the slogan of shivsena
n i decided ki vote mujhe unko hi hai dena
jab results aaye to shivsena had won
but that didnt reduce my tension
just 3 days were left for the valentine day
n i hadnt decided to her what should i say
with great courage i asked will u bcum my valentine
woh boli haan and on 14th feb i would take her out to dine
that day she wore a sahi red dress
n any director would have signed her as his leading actress!!
we had met at 6 in the evening
so she suggested that we go for shopping
feeling my pocket i realised that due to shiv sena i had saved a lot of money
n i said why not honey!!
but as she started to shop the future didnt seem very sunny
n i had to remove the NOT fron the sentence and i started asking her why honey!!
i asked myself kya sabka val day hota hai aisa
n i didnt need to be a great mathematician to know that i was really short of paisa!!
i pleaded to her y dont we go for dinner
n look on her face got all the more meaner
n she ate as if she was dying of hunger
when the dinner was done
she said i had great fun
par agar woh thoda bhi zyada khati to mujhe dhone padte bartan
she said chalo ab mera pet gaya hai bhar
aur jaana hai mujhe ghar
par meine bola we will go to band stand
bahoon mein dale bahe hum le rahe the chain ki saans
i forgot ki she was the same girl jisne mere paise kiye the khalas
thodi der mein bolti hai mujhe lagi hai bahut pyaas
when i returned woh mujhe nahi dikhi
i felt like a popat n i asked a person if he had seen my maina
n he said she had been abducted by the shiv sena
us ladki ne mere bahut paise diye the bigad
aur saadgi bhari zindagi bitane ki raah batane wale shiv sainik ka hoon mein bada shukraguzar!!

mere dosto meri ek baat mannna
sirf ek din ke liye tumhara pyaar kisike liye nahi hona chahiye zyada
pyaar hona chahiye jaisa tha between heer-ranjha
woh rehna chahiye sacha jab tak aap rahenge zinda!!
                                         -Sagar Shah

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