Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here I present to you one of the most romantic poem I have ever written!

I  sat with a real serious face in under the open air of café coffee day,
On various topics of the world my mind was going astray,
As if all these topics were not enough for my mind to say
Suddenly Pooja the princess comes from nowhere and says with her a question and answer game I have to play,
I was in no mood to play but gave into her demands and said as you please,
And the first few questions were disposed of by me with absolute ease,
The last question she asked me tried to bowl me out clean,
The question was of all the years on earth u have been
Who is the most beautiful girl have ever seen
I gave the question a lot of thought
And told her that there are 2 girls in this world who I love a lot!
But I haven’t decided as yet who should be in the first spot!
I could see the smile on her face becoming less and less
And the expression of  her face giving rise to great inquisitiveness
I told her that the first girl was the most beautiful girl had ever seen until I had met the second girl
The first girl would be ready to make any sacrifice for me whereas I would be ready to make any sacrifice for the second girl
The first girl loved me more than anyone else in the world whereas the same was the case with me and the second girl
I never felt bored when I was with the first girl but I always felt a sense of happiness when I was with the second girl
The first girl had the best features eyes hair lips smile I had ever seen but it became second best after I met the second girl
It was obvious the first girl loved me more than her life and I loved more than my life the second girl
Unable to understand anything she asked me is it a love triangle!!
She immediately sniped I know with me u are playing games
If not then please tell me their names
I said my eyes gleaming with fun and my face filled with mirth
The first girl is the one who has given me birth!!!
This line of my did make her bother
If the first one was my mother
Then who was the other!!!
Said she I know you are telling a lie
If not tell me the name of the girl for whom u are ready to die
As if it was the climax of a film of horror
I told her that my eyes are like mirror
And here I am not speaking any lies
When I say that u can see the face of the second girl in my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                                       -Sagar Shah!

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