Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Bored of economics??!! With this poem I bring you into the beautiful world of economics which is easy to understand and fun to learn! Join me as we take a dive into the beautiful world of economics!

My dad used to say wasting time is one of the biggest crimes
So don’t waste your time in making these poems and rhymes
And from today start reading the economic times!
Meine socha jab Bombay times hai to economic times padke kaun hoega bore
Aur vaise bhi school in economics mein  I used to top score!
My policy in economics was kuch bhi thok ke paper bharo
After the first paper I had adhered to my policy and I felt like a big hero
But when I got the result I realised that podar teachers loved to play x and zero!!
Next two exams I made many futile attempts to pass
Par teachers apni kanjoosi ki aadat se nahi aaye baaz
Kisine to kaha tha ki mehnat hai safalta ka raaz
Par who mehnat karne ki shamta mujhme ho gayi thi khallas!!
As the final exams neared my decision of taking admission in podar I began to dread
How the hell was I to bring fifty out of hundred!!
Poverty, population,unemployment was the portion,
I didn’t  know  a single word and I left home taking papa ka aashirwad
I knew all hell would break loose jab mein aunga ghar exam ke baad
I went and sat on the world famous podar ka katta
Like a person without any kaam dhandha
Bas 3 ghante baaki the us samay ke liye jab podar ke teachers mujhe pehnaney wale the fasi ka fandha!!
Katte par mere baju mein baite the do  premi haat mein liye haat
Ladki boli shaadi ke baad hum doosre ghar mein rahenge apne 5 bacho ke saath
5 bache!!!mujhe  kuch hajam nahi hui yeh baat
I realised that nowadays many couples wanted to give birth to gods creation,
And I wasn’t so dumb to understand why India was suffering from overpopulation!!
Thodi der baad meine ek naujavan ko dekha jo katte par baithkar dekh raha tha cricket match with full attention
Meine unse poocha baisaheb what is your occupation
With sadness in his voice he said jaha jata hoon waha milta hai rejection
Mein samjha ki unemployment was his source of dejection
And unemployment was directly proportional to population
Tabhi ek chota bacha aaya mere paas liye haath mein katora
Bola 1 re de do bahut din se nahi khaya khana
Meine poocha kya tumhare ma baap nahi karte kaam
Wo bola ghar baithkar wo log karte hai aish aur aaram
Aur meri bhik ki kamai se banti hai roti in sham!
I handed him 10rs and to him a lot it meant
I came to know that poverty was the direct result of unemployment!
As the time for exam started coming near
All the mysteries started becoming clear
My time on the katta had not been wasted, infact I made a brilliant formulation
Population breeds unemployment and unemployment breeds poverty and poverty breeds over population!!!
For the first time in my life the economics paper I wrote with great conviction
When results were out everyone looked at me with great admiration
For I had scored 70 and had topped the examination
Everywhere about me there were talks
Some said he must have read economic times right from the page of finance upto stocks
When they asked me to reveal my secret they all ended up in shocks
Bcoz I shouted on top of my voice that’’PODAR KA KATTA ROCKS!!”” 
- Sagar Shah.


  1. sagar very well written. The way you potrayed the whole issue with such simplicity was simply superb.

  2. the fusion of hindi and english and the rhymes is just LOVE!