Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What might be the formula of leading an enthusiastic non monotonous life? How can people who know us from a long time never get bored with our company?! Well the answer is to preserve a five lettered word called : 
(You are invited to the annual day function of some school as the chief guest.)
Ladies and gentlemen and young boys and girls,
I can see the young children are all smiling and pretty happy over here where as their parents don’t seem to be too happy with me!
Well my presence here might be one of the reasons however in general I have seen people as they grow older the smile on their face starts getting smaller.
When I have tried to guess the reason for this occurrence it has always been the case of trying to find a pin in a haystack.
When I was young I really used to enjoy the rain drops falling on my face, I would grab the opportunity to get myself all wet and dance in the puddles and really enjoy myself.
Today also when it rains the childhood in me seems to be reborn and tries to tempt me to enjoy myself but I don’t go out! What might be the reason for that?
Its pretty simple.i start to think what might be use of getting all wet maybe I might catch cold.maybe I might fall sick. And the most important question that I ask to my self is that what is the benefit I am going to get after doing that act!
And when I get the answer that actually there absolutely no advantage of getting wet in the rains I simply get back to my work thinking that I have acted very smart!
As you grow older these small pleasures in life no longer seem to hold any importance for you all.
Take another example. just the other day I went to the first standard class and I noticed the teachers asking the questions to the students.the students were jumping in the air and raising their fingers just so that they might get a chance to tell their answers.the mood in the classroom seemed so energetic and full enthusiastic. Then just a few blocks away I entered a 5th standard classroom the students seemed to raise their hands to answer but there was no joy on their face. They seemed to answer just because it was their duty to do so.
And then when I entered a 10th standard class I saw that the students had absolutely no interest in answering. even if they knew the answers they would just sit in their place waiting for the teacher to force them to open their mouths.
Clearly I could see something was lacking as I went from the 1st standard to 10th standard. the spark in the students just  seemed to be on the wane.
Today as I stand before I just cant seem to tell you how important it is for all of you to maintain the spark that is in you.
Some of you over here might become doctors maybe some may become teachers some maybe become chartered accountants. No matter what you become what you achieve always remember that life never gives you reasons to enjoy. You have to find the reasons.and the reason can be weird it can be stupid but if it brings you happiness and if it brings a smile on your face then just do it.
Don’t think what others would think just live life kingsize.
Today if I have to give you one advice as being the chief guest here then I would say you might lose your pricest possessions,you might lose your friends in life,you might lose your wealth,as you grow old you might even lose your hair but no matter what you lose  JUST DON’T LOSE THAT SPARK!

Thank you!
-Sagar Shah

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