Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CLASSES: can we do without it??

Have classes become as important as hospitals, schools, colleges in this world?
Can we the students survive without classes? Can we ever think of success without classes? Dive into this poem to find and try to see if you can find yourself in it!!

His friends used to call him jadoo for fun,
Not that he was a magician,
But they felt he was some kind of an alien!
He was viewed with awe by the mass,
The reason: he was in 10th and he hadn’t joined a class!
He always considered himself to be ideal,
After all from 1st to 9th he had never joined a tutorial.
Which classes for 10th was asked by everyone whether big or small,
This question seemed as natural to them as nature’s call!
 ‘all the top rankers have joined classes’ his mind began to shout
 ‘please don’t join any classes’ is what his heart had began to tout,
but his self confidence he had already started to doubt.
Aisa lag raha tha ki everyone had joined this class chahe wo ho Krishna ya ganesh,
He too decided to play it safe and joined the one and only Mahesh!
It was only a week since with 9th he was done,
This impatient Mahesh classes had already begun,
No aaram, no recreation, absolutely no freedom,
It seemed his life was filled with complete boredom,
sab toppers ne kiya tha join but they treated everyone as dumb,
After all 6 hrs a day was required only for a real bum.
Trigonometry is tough , map making is tough, Indian history is tough
They didn’t mean it they said this only because he would study,
But for him boards seemed no longer easy.
The teachers had their views for all the chapters under the sun,
Slowly and steadily he began to lose his sense of opinion.
By june his portion had neared completion,
It was obvious that in school he rarely paid attention.
School was of no interest to him and he thought this was really shrewd,
‘Idhar nahi aaya to Mahesh mein sikhenge’ had become his attitude!!
From school to classes, class homework to school homework,
Everyone thought he was really busy,
But the truth was he was left with no time for self study,
One test after another were conducted at lightning rate,
‘’written practise’’ sab lag raha tha really great,
par sach pooch to he never had the time to re evaluate!
November tak usne portion revise kar liya tha 4 baar
All expected he would perform above par!
Little did all know , that he was ‘so near yet so far’!
Hours and hours with the same books he spent,
But the classes would not relent,
Hundreds of Moderators were summoned from all corners of Mumbai,
He kara te kara,
Some said lihoon lihoon paper bhara,
To koi bola quality la pan visru naka!!
Thus their advices didn’t help him much in preparation,
but surely they did increase his confusion,
he had almost given 5 prelims and this was true,
that though this was his first board exam nothing seemed new,
as he got the question paper the frustration within him grew,
all the questions were same and all the answers he knew,
he wrote the answer paper with the feeling of fatigue and it was a big pity,
that the classes had left in him no scope for creativity!!
And then came the torrid day of result,
A meagre 81% what a huge insult!
As he walked on the empty road hundreds of thoughts zooming through his mind,
The following words on a billboard he did find,
MAHESH TUTORIALS: where trust leads to success,
How true the words seemed to be!
Why had he joined the classes?
The answer was simple Because he did not trust his abilities,
And it was only because of this distrust he had run into difficulties.
It was as if at that exact moment he had regained his sense,
And he decided to come back with vengeance,
Har picture ki ending happy hoti hai mere dost,
Aur agar ending happy na ho to picture baaki hai mere dost,
                             PICTURE BAAKI HAI!!!!
                                                                                 - Sagar Shah

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