Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The mistake which changed my life!

On a not so eventful morning my maid makes a mistake which helps me realise my shortcomings. There a message hidden in here for each one of us! So read with care the poem named:

As she slowly worked on one after the other chore,
Sitting there I was getting bored to the core!
The burglaries by servant were on the rise,
And for that I had to pay the price,
i watched with great disinterest as to what she was doing,
gone in the dust bin was another beautiful morning!
To clean my room she opened my door,
With a mop and bucket of water to clean the floor,
I wondered how mechanical things can get,
As she turned on the fan to dry up the floor which was wet!
After 2 mins she again came back in my sight,
She went into the room and switched on the tubelight,
Tubelight at 10 in the morning??!!
very odd did I find,
has this woman suddenly gone out of her mind?
Completely engrossed she was now washing a utensil,
I came upto here and shouted,
“ tumko pata hai ghar ka kitna aata hai bill”
seeing the light and fan both switched on she was stunned,
she immediately realised what she had done!
She tried to clarify her plight,
I wanted to switch off the fan but by mistake I switched on the tube light!
I saw that she was standing there really tense,
What she said did make some sense!
often I fall into poor positions in chess,
at that time careful moves would surely make my problems less,
but it is exactly at that moment I become careless,
and what I end up is, in greater mess!
Slowly I switched off the light,
I sweared to myself with care and patience in every inferior position I will fight!
She went away without saying a lot,
I sat under the fan thanking the maid for what she had taught!!
                                                                        -Sagar Shah

1 comment:

  1. its amazing how you connect one situation wth another and find answers for questions in a very simple ways... and in d start it sumhow doesnt show interest or ny quality bt slowly it givs a nice meaning to d poem in the end...
    and you even a good observer.. the blog abt chess [Sicily] is good1..