Tuesday, January 11, 2011


As I sat on the banks of the river beas in manali, the beauty of nature inspired me to write a few lines. I asked for pen and paper from my mom and came out with the following work in 15 mins!!

I sat besides the river,
Feeling close to mother nature,
The water of the river flowing with grace,
And the cool wind blowing across my face,
The trees swaying without a care,
The mountains stretching in whichever direction I would stare,
Nowhere else such serene beauty I would find,
Which seemed to spur my philosopher’s mind.
The rocks were of different shapes and looked sort of funny,
But the flowing river and the stagnant rocks seemed to be in heavenly symphony,
The rocks tried to stop the river right in its track dead,
But the river with its full enthusiasm manoeuvred itself to keep on moving ahead!
Often we have obstacles which we just cannot get over,
But then we just have to remember the river,
Because in life there will be lot of troubles which we will have to cope,
And yes the river is the one which will give us all the hope!!
                                                                                           -Sagar Shah,
                                                                                            On the banks of river Beas,
                                                                                            Manali, 31st May 09

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