Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Truly an inspirational poem! A must read for all those who have found the going tough in life but have never compromised on their aims!

There is a guy who is living his life under constant fear,
He is the guy who is suffering from a disease deadlier than cancer,
His bearings he just cant find
Never does he get his peace of mind,
He has spent a sleepless night,
But all he has to do is JUST FIGHT,

There is a girl who tries to cling onto her love like her life,
She is the girl who can’t be her love’s wife,
She is threatening to kill herself with a knife,
She really wants to end her strife,
She thinks what she is doing is 100% right,
But all that she has to do is JUST FIGHT.

There is a guy who is under terrible stress,
He is the guy who never finds success,
One by one all the problems he tries to tackle,
But it seems there is never  an end to his obstacles,
Life long dust he has had to bite,
But all that he has to keep on doing is JUST FIGHT!

It seems all of us want to be the ‘king’,
However there just doesn’t seem to be an end to our suffering,
All u have to do is your inner self you have to ignite,
Because its not the case of proving your might,
Or making everyone believe that you were right,
But its about having a satisfied sleep at night,
And for that you JUST have to FIGHT  and for that you JUST have to FIGHT and you have to JUST FIGHT!!!
                                                -Sagar Shah

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