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Do you think you are in a position where you are forced to do things which you never wanted to? Do you think the world in unfair? Do you have the feeling of being trapped? Here’s an article which will show you a glimmer of light in the dark tunnel through which you are treading!

Man has been trapped!
In fact the trap that was laid by man was so well laid that man himself fell into it.
His state is now so bad that there is simply no solution to it!
Unable to understand what I am trying to say. Well heres a small story.try if you can find yourself in it!
There was a boy named Kartik born in a family where people seemed to give the topmost priority to education. His first two years of life were excellent. He did all the things he wanted to do. He played around,slept ,ate and even cried to his hearts content!
Kartik started to believe that taking birth in this world was truly the best thing that could have happened to him. He simply could do all the things he loved!

But then he was sent to school. He didn’t enjoy it much.
But that is what his grandfather had done,that is what his father had done and that is what everyone did and so he had no option!
When he was of the age 8 he was introduced to an instrument called guitar. He developed such a liking for the guitar that in all his free time he would play it with complete dedication. Guitar which is a pastime for many, a hobby for some became a passion for kartik. It seemed to be the only thing he wanted to do. He wanted to become a professional guitarist!
Everyday he went to school and came back home not realising why he was wasting time going to school and instead not devoting all his energies to practising guitar!
He simply loved guitar. There was nothing else that he wanted to do!
But then came the dreaded board exams and his guitar was given a nice home in the store room for an entire year.
Kartik tried to protest but he was persuaded by everyone that academics is the most important thing in his life. He started studying day in and day out trying to get good marks in board exams. But it was obvious that was not what he wanted to do!!

He passed boards with flying colours and as his dad was a CA he enrolled him in a commerce college. Now everyone started envisaging him as the rightful heir to his dads throne!!
 But What about the guitar??! No one seemed to care!  In the small mind of the 18 year old life wasn’t so beautiful anymore!
However he didn’t have much time to brood. Soon arrived the 12th standard board exams which again he studied hard and soon also cleared the CA entrance exams with flying colours. The tremendous pressure from the people he knew and cared about was the only reason why he was studying!

After passing CA entrance he was forced to join articleship! From morning 10-6 he would struggle in the office doing some work in which he had no interest but how else could he fulfill the dreams of his parents of becoming a CA??!
As the clock would strike 6 he would again rush to the classes and sit in there till 9 in the night. It seemed he was a real busy man! He didn’t want to be. But wasn’t this what each and every normal student of his age was doing??
He somehow cleared CA exams became a chartered accountant!
The only consolation was his parents happiness!!
Soon he was working full time from home to office and from office to home!
He was caught in a vicious cycle doing things he had to and not what he wanted to!
A mechanical routine!!

But what about the boy who was not like everyone. His passions were different. His interests were different but still he was trapped in this monotonous life!
It is like a patient who comes to a doctor with a stomach disorder and is given a medicine for cold!!!
It was only the first 2 years of his life that he did what he wanted to! Right from the 3rd year he was trapped.
He only did things that he had to.
If we all look back at our lives till now I am sure that majority of people will agree when I say that all of us are right now doing the things we never wanted to do but were forced to do it by some invisible force!
And I have absolutely no solution as how we would be able to combat this invisible force. All I can do is share a small secret about Kartik’s life!
From the day he was forced to give up guitar and till the day he lived he did almost everything for everyone else but there was something he did for himself.
Everyday he used to play his guitar for 1 hour and somehow that gave him a purpose in life! Somehow that gave him the strength to face the toughest challenges in life and that is what gave a meaning to his life.
My dear friends I know we are all trapped right now. We live in a society and we have to do things that would showcase us as responsible citizens. But all of us have a hobby and that is something that we should never give it up!
Even in the darkest of nights your passion will be the ray of hope which will make you love your life!

-Sagar Shah

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