Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The mystery behind why Podar is the best!!!

For all those  podarites and even those who are not and have always wondered why a college like podar which does not even have a campus is one of the best colleges in Mumbai this poem is a must read. I try to unravel the mystery as to why podar is the best!!!

For one whole year my mother had no objections,
But now she wanted me to answer all her questions,
all your friends are studying for IIT and CET like brave lions,
and you like a meek cat refrained from even taking science!!
I didn’t ask you any question for an entire year,
And it is bcoz that I worry for your future that you will have to make your point clear!
Every day train ki gardi mein tu  khata hai maar,
Koi ladki bhi nahi hai jisse karta hai tu pyaar,
Then too harroj you travel so far,
Only to end up in your stupid college named podar!!
Chal ab tere samne jodti hoon mein haath
Aur tu bata mujhe ki podar mein hai aisi kya baat??!!
How should i answer without making myself look like a fool,
Kya podar mein admission leke kar di thi meine koi bhool
Yahi sochte sochte mein maa ka prashn gaya mein bhool
Aur apni hi soch mein ho gaya mashgool!!
As I tried to think a battle in my mind erupted which was fierce
Was podar really the best college for commerce??
I tried to relate podar with India
Why was India a great country in reality
i instantly got the answer that it is because of unity in diversity!
When you come near podar you see a real happening street
There are girls whose ugliness no one can beat
But there are a few whose beauty can sweep you off your feet
There are some who want to become cool dudes so they wear earrings and apply bryllcream
Thode aur hai jo navratna tel lagage aate hai and becoming a chartered accountant is their only dream!!
Ek aur students hai jinko library ke bahar kya hai uske bare mein kuch nahi pata,
To doosri aur log hai whose only reason to come to college is to sit on the katta!!
There are some jinki ek lecture mein sahan shakti ka quota hota hai khallas
And there are some jo poora din padhke bhi bolte hai mi kelach nahi abhyaas!!!
There are dancers who can give a complex even to shakira
Awaj ki baat kare to some sing better than even kishore da!!
There are teachers like viji and sanjay jo sach mein hai akalmand
Kakde jaiso ki sab band bajate hai kyunki woh hai ek bada mandh,
Par yeh baat to sach hai ki hema wad ke samne sabki bolti ho jaati hai bandh!!
Finding which language is predominant in podar is not great fun,
Bcoz u will find people not only speaking hindi ,marathi,tamil,gujarati but also French,italian and german!!
And there are some, listening to their theories on finance and economics will make u feel are they the children of manmohan??!!
You can have a ball with your friends in DPs if you have the money,
But if u don’t then u can enjoy the sumptuous food of the manis!!
 as I thought of all this my thoughts started getting jittery
There was so much of diversity but what about the unity??
There had to be something which united the thin and fat,small and tall
And immediately the scene which entered my mind was that of the examination hall!!
No matter how intelligent everyone may be,
There was not a single podarite who didn’t copy!!!
On the day of the exam everyone enters the college with their faces filled with tension,
And I realized that the unity lies in not even a single podarite loving the examination!!
Thus like India podar too has unity in diversity and the college is really great
And coming to this college was not a chance but was written in my fate!!
As I opened my eyes I saw my mothers stern face on which the anger had not melt,
I said,’mom, I cant tell u why podar is great because some things cant be explained they only have to be felt!!
As my mom walked away for her I felt great pity
Because she didn’t realize that podar was great only because of unity in diversity!!!!
                                                                                           - Sagar Shah

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