Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CLASSES: we can do without it!

In this sequel I try to break the classes myth with lots of practical guidelines for students who really want to lead a self dependent educational life. Lets get to know how real self made scholars are born in our poem which is a sequel to my poem called CLASSES: can we do without it ??!

All called him Jadoo, not because he was an alien,
But because everyone felt he was like a magician!
People had gathered to see him in the hall in real huge number,
All stared at him as if he was the 8th wonder!
So many parents had come bringing along their daughter or son,
It seemed as if he was some sage going to deliver his sermon,
They were tired of hearing the clich├ęd “mehnat karoge to milega fal”,
Here was someone who would reveal how he had made it possible!
All the talks in the hall came to a halt with a screech,
With purposeful voice he began his speech!
“ It all started 12 months ago you see,
when I had realised classes weren’t my cup of tea,
so when I declared that for 12th classes karne ke liye nahi lag raha mera man,
sab ne udaya mera bada fun,
after all in 10th I had got only eighty one!
Not paying heed to anyones advice,
I decided to do 12th without classes no matter what was the price.
The start to my voyage was really rough,
College teachers not teaching anything made the going all the more tough,
Jabhi bhi mein college jata tha na le pata tha mein chain ki saans,
Jo kuch bhi mein chalu karta had already been completed by everyone 2 months ago in class!
As I didn’t attend any classes I was in a real soup,
Kyunki same classes wale aapas mein hi bana lete the apne group!
Itne saare problems the par mujhe nahi lag raha tha dar,
Bcoz I knew smooth seas never made a skilful sailor!
I always believed to do well in 12th I was capable,
For that I didn’t have to remove my internet or my cable,
instead I simply began with making a time table.
There were some subjects like economics and OC where I did have to struggle less,
But german and maths had made my life a real mess.
Students who went to classes for german always had their minds filled with dar,
Because the classes always concentrated on marks by teaching the intricacies of grammar,
As for me I learnt german by discussing it with my friends and it was a great pleasure,
That I learnt a new foreign language without any pressure!
Maths always caught students off guard,

I realised that integration and differentiation were really hard,

In classes the students were crammed with different formulas in their head,
But I guarantee you that they never had a clear mind when they went to the bed!
On the other hand I made deep analysis on my own as to when which formula was to be used,
And from then on in maths my ship really cruised!
It always struck me that students who went to classes always cared so much about marks to the excess,
That they were always in search for the final result and failed to enjoy the learning process!!!
The classes had completed the portion in September,
With slow and steady progress and meticulous planning I had nothing to worry,
And I was done and dusted with my portion by mid January!
In the last one month I worked on the things of which I was scared,
And when the board exams arrived I was completely prepared!
Unlike 10th where I had read the portion 10 times and was feeling really low,
This time around I was really fresh and raring to go!!
Instead of by hearting every definition and every terminology,
I prepared myself to play against the corrector’s psychology!
I wrote my answers with great creativity and imagination,
Keeping the perfect balance of quality, quantity and presentation!
I thoroughly enjoyed writing the board exams and at great speed time  flew,
And they were already over before I even knew!
So much I learnt this year, I thought as I rested on the bed,
Something which I wouldn’t have been able to boast had I been spoon fed,
I never thought about the result instead enjoyed the process of studying and this is true,
That it is only because of that attitude today as the 12th standard topper I stand before you!!
I can see the faces of science students,
Who are thinking All this sounds good only in commerce,
But believe me my friends all you need is a little bit of self discipline and loads of self confidence,
And no one can prevent you from the scaling the highest of mountains!!!!

So my dear friends,
You can help a hungry person by providing him a fish on platter,
But if you teach him the art of fishing he shall never die of hunger!!!!
                                                                                     -Sagar Shah

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