Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting the basics right!

Why is it that we are fed up of our lives?
Is it due to the overpopulation?
is it due to over pollution?
Is it because of the work stress?
Or is it because of some relationship problems?
of course all of the above reasons would cause us a lot of grief but we will never be fed up of ourselves.
the real reason for not being happy with your life is that you are not able to fulfill the small goals that you set.
for eg. if you have decided that tomorrow you shall wake up at 6 am and go for jogging, but you are not able to. Here your frustration starts to begin in the day.
You wanted to find time for something you love but you werent able to.
at first you get angry with yourself.
then you get used to it. and finally after many days or even years you realise how unresolute you have been, not being able to fulfill anything that you had planned and thats when you start hating yourself.
Its true!
its this constant cheating that you indulge with yourself is what makes you fed up with life. the primary reason being, that you cannot blame anyone but yourself and you are completely clueless as to how to improve.
Because internally you want to improve but your laziness thats stopping you from taking that next step towards satisfying yourself!
Its really a helpless feeling when you want to do something, no one is stopping you from doing it and still you are not able to do it due to some invisible force also known as laziness!
and hence i say that if you want to see yourself happy, get the basics right!
do the small things that you expect of yourself and the big things will fall in their place!

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